Back into the game

January 11th, 2011  |  Published in Fitness, News

A few weeks ago I was at my ideal fighting weight. Then BAM! Christmas happened. And a couple of weeks off judo didn’t help.

If you’re like me and want to get back into judo shape, a good idea may be to start running. Not only will your cardiovascular system improve, but other benefits may include weight loss, improved mood and better coordination. Another excellent benefit directly related to judo is a change in your stamina. This means that you will be able to exert yourself over a longer period of time.

A good idea is to check out some resources if you have never run before. The internet has a lot of information out there and is an excellent resource listing proper running form; preparation before starting to run as well nutrition and various running plans from the beginner to more advanced runner. A pair of good shoes is also important when running.

Once you have a plan to start running, you may need some motivation.  A play-list on your i-pod/mp3player may help set the mood.  A running partner may also help to get the mojo flowing.  Having a plan and keeping a record of your progress is also a great way to boost your morale and keep you focused.  If you are computer savvy then posting a blog and sharing your progress will do wonders.  Talking with others about what you are doing will help keep you accountable.  The key to perseverance is to just do it.

Judo is an excellent sport to help maintain your health but just like anything else; additional training will help.  You will also maintain a balanced lifestyle and improve oneself overall. It is not necessary for one to become a gym monkey or train for a marathon but a little extra running and weight-training on the side will help supplement the fun one has in the club. See you on the tatami!

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