Black Belts

Yudansha Introduction

When Judo was first started in the late 1800s, there was no visual differentiation between Mudansha (those who did not achieve black belt status) and Yudansha (black belts). It was not until 1886 that Professor Jigoro Kano’s students began to wear the black obi, or belt.

Requirements for Yudansha Levels

Black belt promotion is conducted at a National level by the Kodakan andInternation Judo Federation. Promotion takes time and requires a greater understanding of the fundamentals of Judo. Students are also required to learn and perform Kata (forms of Judo), which our club teaches and demonstrates to better prepare you.

To view the Canadian National Grading Syllabus which lists the requirements for advancement as a Black belt, click here.

Yudansha Grading Chart
Colour Belt Grade Name Points
Black 1 dan Shodan 160 (40) 1 yr
Black 2 dan Nidan 200 (50) 2 yr
Black 3 dan Sandan 240 (60) 4 yr
Black 4 dan Yondan 280 (70) 6 yr
Black 5 dan Godan 280 (70) 8 yr
Black** 6 dan Rokudan 280 (70) 10 yr
Black** 7 dan Shichidan 280 (70) 12 yr
Black** 8 dan Hachidan - -
Black*** 9 dan Kudan - -
Black*** 10 dan Judan - -
* points in parentheses are technical points required
** rokudan to hachidan can also wear a Red & White belt
*** kudan and above can wear a solid Red belt