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April 15th, 2021  |  Published in News

We wanted to thank everyone again for all the contributions that were made dedicated to Sensei Speight to “the crane project” and our request for “wishes”. Even though we have not been able to see everyone on the mats due to the pandemic, we definitely felt the love and appreciation for Mr. Speight and the Judo Club that he had spent the last 50 years fostering. Over 4000 cranes were delivered to the Speights as well as letters, cards, and the notes that were sent to our “wishes” email address.

Thanks to everyone who participated. It has meant a lot.

Below is a message from Mrs. Speight

Dear BC Judo Members,
With respect and gratitude, I am reaching out to you today with heartfelt appreciation.
Thank you for the kindness and connection  you have shared recently through cards, letters, e-mails, phone calls and of course, “the crane project”.  I have read Dave all of the messages of support and encouragement that came our way, which he really enjoyed.  The reminders of those happy memories buoyed Dave’s spirit.
Your response to the crane project was beyond my imagination when initiating the project.  I had hoped to receive 1000 cranes, but instead, we received over 4000 cranes…each one carrying a special wish for Dave.
When I brought him home from the hospital, and he saw all of the cranes in our living room, Dave was both humbled and amazed, exclaiming: “UNBELIEVABLE”!  This was a testament to the connection that each of you had with Dave over the many years that you have shared a love of Judo, and a love of life.
As per Dave’s wish, we will not be holding a service at this time.  However, just as soon as we can all gather once again, we will honour Dave with a “wake”.  This will be a nod to Dave’s maritime/Irish heritage as well as to his love of a good party with friends and family.  Be sure to save up your stories to share!
With sincere appreciation,

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