Beginner’s Guide

What Should I Wear on My First Day?

Don’t worry too much about your appearance on the first day, as most people will not have a uniform. You can participate on your first day with just a pair of sweatpants and white long-sleeved shirt. A regular t-shirt is okay, but Judo is a physical sport where your partner is required to grab your shirt, so a long-sleeved shirt is a better choice.

We’ll Get You a Uniform

You’re uniform is actually called a Judogi (or “gi” for short). We’ll take your measurements on your first class, and you could pick it up as early as the next class. We get our uniforms at a discount, and they start at a cost of around $48 and up. Children’s gi’s are quite inexpensive, while the larger uniforms required by adults use more material, and thus cost a little more.

You are welcome to bring your own uniforms, but this is not necessary. If you choose to go this route, be sure to get a size larger than you would normally get, as one they are washed (and dried), they will shrink several inches, as they are made of pure cotton.

Check out our Uniform Information page for official prices and sizes.

Things You Should Know

Please be aware of the following points to maintain a smooth transition into our dojo:

  • Students are NOT allowed to have metal (or any hard) objects on their persons. This means you must remove all jewelry, piercings, rings, hair clips, etc. Girls must make sure that the elastics worn in their hair have NO metal as well. In tournaments, this is a strict rule, which will lead to immediate disqualification from a match. Metal/hard objects are considered a safety hazard, which could seriously injure an opponent, so this rule is enforced at the club level as well.
  • One exception allows for newly-pierced earrings to be taped up before participating (at our Club ONLY). In tournaments, piercings are strictly prohibited for safety reasons. Competitors can and will be disqualified from all levels of competition.
  • Girls are also required to wear a plain white t-shirt (preferably with no print/writing) underneath their Judogi’s. In tournaments, this is a recommended rule, so parents, please make sure your child wears the appropriate shirt when necessary.
  • Please do not step on the mats with anything but your bare feet. Socks are slippery and can be dangerous, while shoes and sandals on the mats are strictly prohibited as they bring in outside dirt and other unwanted materials.
  • Judo has etiquette.  Students must bow before stepping onto the mat and bow once again when they are exiting the mat.  Students must bow to each other before and after practice or competition.