Grading Sheets for Mudansha

Grading is performed at the end of each session for students that meet all of the requirements for their respective level. A typical grading will have the student demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of each breakfall, throw, holddown, etc., that was learned and practiced in class. The student is also expected to attend all classes (unless ill).

Downloadable Grading Sheets
Colour Click to Download Sheet
White / Yellow Belt Grading Sheet
Yellow Belt Grading Sheet
Yellow / Orange Belt Grading Sheet
Orange Belt Grading Sheet
Green Belt Grading Sheet
Blue Belt Grading Sheet
Brown Belt Grading Sheet
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Requirements for Mudansha Levels

In the early years of Judo, all Mudansha wore white belts. It is still common in Japan that Mudansha wear white belts right up until 1 kyu (brown).

Coloured belts weren’t introduced until 1935 by Europe, when it was first demonstrated and taught outside Japan. Our coloured belt system, recently updated in March 2006, gives students a sense of accomplishment and provides incentives for those striving to be a better judoka.

Below are the guidelines for promotion to the next belt level.

Mudansha Grading Chart
Colour Belt Grade Name
White 6 kyu Rokyu
White / Yellow 6.5 kyu Rokyu
Yellow 5 kyu Gokyu
Yellow / Orange 5.5 kyu Gokyu
Orange 4 kyu Yonkyu
Orange / Green 4.5 kyu Yonkyu
Green 3 kyu Sankyu
Blue 2 kyu Nikyu
Brown 1 kyu Ikkyu